Given our long experience in the legal field and after many years of teaching we offer a variety of standard or tailor-made courses for individuals, law firms, companies and all kind of institutions. We are particularly praised for our legal English courses, where by explaining the different vocabulary and terminology we offer a comparative analysis of legal concepts of common law with the corresponding institutes of civil law. We also deal with highly specialized-content courses, like our highly-regarded course on international contracts, based on the explanation of all the legal framework and drafting techniques with materials, exercises and drafting practices. Other regular courses include: English for company law, comparative company and commercial law, comparative criminal law, comparative analysis of common law and civil law systems, international transportation and logistics law.

How do we do it ? 

Check our website for news or updates on regularly-offered standard courses or get in touch with us in case you look for a program adapted to your individual needs of the needs of your law firm, company or institution. We will work closely with you to shape the best and most effective course suited to your expectations. Our courses are designed to be taught face to face or online. We provide our clients with a combination of conceptual and practical knowledge and are very careful with the design and selection of the materials, techniques and methodologies which shape and define our courses. Participants will receive feedback on their performance during, and after, the course by engaging in different types of assignments, tests and other evaluation tools.