Álvaro (Abogado, Madrid/Lawyer, Madrid)

Monica has made such an impression on me and my peers as a teacher. Her deep understanding of the needs of professionals who are beginning their careers has proven very useful to adequate our lessons and provide us with the key tools that we may need daily. Not only have we acquired a deeper understanding of legal English but also a greater knowledge of different legal systems, thanks to her expertise. I would highly recommend her to any lawyer who is seeking to improve their skills in the global aspect the legal profession contains nowadays.

Ignacio (Abogado, Madrid/Lawyer, Madrid)

Monica is a great teacher, who due to her extensive experience as a lawyer, knows how to integrate into her classes the teaching of English with the explanation of the functioning of different legal systems.

I would recommend her to any legal professional who wants to improve their communication skills in English for their professional performance.

Natālija (Y1 student Riga Graduate School of Law)

Monica was my first-ever University professor at the Riga Graduate School of Law. The beginning of law studies can be overwhelming, however, her light attitude and teaching approach made complicated things seem understandable. With many practical examples, Ms. Monica provided me with the crucial foundational knowledge of many legal concepts which I would later face in my studies.

Ana María (Abogada, Madrid/Lawyer, Madrid)

Monica is an excellent teacher who shows passion for what she does in all her classes. Her professional experience as a lawyer, coupled with her approachability and teaching skills make her classes entertaining and useful for the day-to-day life of a lawyer. The combination of theoretical and practical training makes learning exponential and enjoyable.

Olga (Y1 student Riga Graduate School of Law)

As a 1st-year law student, I was a little bit intimidated by all the law terminology, however, Monica managed not only to professionally explain the materials and give the understanding of legal English but also to cooperate with her students with the highest level of kindness and support. The knowledge that she passed to me is extremely useful in my further studies and I am grateful that Monica turned out to be my first lecturer in law school. 

Telmo (Abogado, Madrid/Lawyer, Madrid)

Monica is an excellent teacher for those of us who believe that a strong level of English is an asset to an international legal professional. I would especially highlight her in-depth knowledge of both common and civil law systems, which allows her to approach the sessions from a comparative point of view; and her long experience as a lawyer, which facilitates the introduction of technical discussions that she always enriches with numerous multi-jurisdictional examples.

Bruno (Y1 student Riga Graduate School of Law)

As a former student of Monica’s Legal English course, I can attest to her incredible teaching abilities. Her teaching style is captivating, and she has a talent for making complex legal concepts understandable for students. Her lectures were always engaging and interactive, and she created an environment where students felt comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification.

Not only is Monica a gifted educator, but she is also an eloquent and intelligent individual. Her expertise in the legal field is unparalleled, and she has a passion for helping others succeed. Her dedication to her work is evident in her teaching, and I do not doubt that this same level of commitment will carry over into her new venture with M2 Legal Services.

Overall, I highly recommend Monica and her services to anyone in need of legal assistance. She is a bright and talented individual who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I do not doubt that she will excel in her new endeavour and continue to make a positive impact in the legal field.

Jimena (Graduate Universidad Complutense, State Competitive exam)

Monica is a very good teacher and a very good professional, she adapts to your schedule and needs. In my case, I needed to improve my level of English and my level of Legal English. Thanks to her I have not only achieved it, she has made me love it. 

Alejandro (Abogado, Madrid/Lawyer, Madrid)

I had the opportunity to improve my Legal English with Monica. This experience was truly rewarding and helpful to my professional career. Not only was I able to improve my English skills (a very thorough formation comprising speaking, writing, listening… my fluency improved) but also to learn more about Legal Vocabulary and Concepts (e.g., studying some aspects of Common Law, differences with Civil Law, etc.). I would highly recommend you choose Monica as your Legal English teacher.

Marina (Abogada, Madrid/Lawyer, Madrid)

My experience with Monica has been great so far. I have been taking Legal English classes for the last couple of months and I can only recommend her teachings. Not only because I can already notice a huge growth in terms of my skills, but because she does not merely focus on the language aspects, going further and illustrating the differences between Common Law and Civil Law.

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